Yoyorecreation Overdrive Draupnir & Onslaught! New Colors!


Oh no no no you can’t do this to me right now releasing that purple Overdrive with only 3 in stock


Stop! You’re bankrupting me!

(Only 2 in stock now, brah.)

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Well I have an Overdrive too and it is really REALLY awesome.

It’s basically a Draupnir that is slightly bigger and heavier and all of that goes into stability (and the Draupnir was already really stable).

A less fast but more stable Draupnir. I have hardly played anything else since I got it.

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I’m really mad I have the green OD

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Lol have you ever notice how he does with colors? He always releases the boring colors first then ramps it up.

Same with the engraving, my OD, Inevitable, and Anomaly all have simple minimalist engraving (which I happen to like) but in a year it will be dragons and flames and stuff everywhere

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Yeah purple is always a big crowd-pleaser. For some reason purple just looks extra good in anodized aluminum, in my opinion.

(I am happy with my bronze/silver overdrive though which is also an interesting look. It’s no purple though!)


one left :cry:

I know what you’re talking about. I got this original


Well that escalated quickly lol

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I know you got some cool yoyos in your collection somewhere lol