Overdrive Draupnir - 2 new colors!


Both look very flashy, but that blue with rose gold/copper rims looks sooooooooooo premium


It’s reallllly nice looking in person. I just hope they sell soon so I don’t convince myself I need to buy one!


I’m so tempted to get a yellow so I can halfswap it with my purple


These aren’t selling nearly fast enough, I might have to buy a blue one…


Yeah, that aqua one is really pretty, though I’m not entirely sure if aqua and rose gold go together well. I’m kinda tempted to snag one, but I already have a purple one and I’m not sure I need (or want) another. :thinking:

So for my Black Friday purchase I am thinking of getting a bi-metal to try.

I am actually not ready yet for another yoyo purchase so soon but also I know that I will regret passing up on Black Friday discount in like 1 week.

So seeing as I was planning a bi-metal purchase somewhere down the line and they are/can be expensive might as well do it now.

Right now I’m leaning towards this aqua/rose Draupnir Overdrive unless someone thinks I should look at something else?

I know the Hummingbird gets suggested a lot. And the butter just came out too but I feel like this would be a good time to try out a yoyorecreation / Draupnir line.


I’ve heard people consider this to be one of the greatest performing yo-yos of all time.
Kinda wish I’d of taken the leap and gotten a green/black rimmed one when I had the chance.


Still in stock.
Not only do I think you NEED to get one, but I also think you deserve to splurge on yourself! Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself! :smiley:


If you are absolutely intent on getting your first bi-metal with YYE’s Black Friday discount, I would recommend either the Grasshopper GTX or the TopYo Dominator. These are the best bi-metals you can get under $99, IMO, and they play as good as just about any bi-metal twice their price.


Have you tried an Endgame @Zslane?
I can’t compare it to either of the 2 you’ve suggested…but it’s an amazing bi for $99 IMHO.

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Depends how wide you like your yo-yos. The YYR and C3 stuff tends to be on the narrow side (so is the Hummingbird). The Grasshopper GTX is great and not quite as narrow, but is still a tiny bit narrow for modern comp stuff at around 44.5mm. All the new Duncan bimetals are supposed to be good.

The Meerkat just came out and retails for 75$, the Marco is 60$. I’ve seen tons of people competing with the BiND lately. Other people have suggested the Dominator and I’m sure it’s great but has a slightly less streamlined shape than some of this other stuff. People that aren’t me love the SF bimetals but I doubt they’re in stock anywhere.

I’d also say if you’re looking for the #bimetalexperience, you’re better off sticking with the V-ish shapes, and then it’s just a matter of whether you’re looking for a Japanese design philosophy or a Western approach. For the former go C3 or YYR, for the latter Duncan or YYF.

I personally recommend the Bimetal Shutter. It’s still a highly streamlined shape and was designed in Japan for YYF and isn’t narrow like a lot of Japanese bimetals are.


I’d also like to add that a 180$ bimetal will likely feel more premium than a 75$ bimetal, but it won’t feel 105$ better.


you will indeed also whatever Bi-Metal yoyo you go with give me feedback?


You grabbing your first bimetal soon?


oh man i REALLY want one but i don’t have money at the moment i usually get money for christmas from my beloved grandparents so we’ll see after the holidays!


Maybe they will have another boxing day sale too :slight_smile:


what is a boxing day sale…? lol i should probably know by now


I have no idea, just saying maybe there is one?
There was one for Halloween and hopefully one for Black Friday, so I am hoping there is also one for Christmas :slight_smile:

Pure guesswork, not based on any grounds


Boxing Day is a […] holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day. It originated in the United Kingdom and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire.