YoyoRecreation PNIR

I haven’t heard alot about this plastic Yoyo, it rose into popularity last year but it was forgotten, its design is absolutely amazing! It’s a shame it hasn’t went into US retailers yet :, it’s one of the only modern yyr that I feel like it’s not often talked about.

I wonder, how does it play? Do any of you own it? And would you ever like it to come to the US? Let me know your thoughts!


I have the clear ones.
First I am sorry about the fact that I am not a very good reviewer.
I will try to do as good as I can.
First of all the feel is like a softer SPEEDAHOLIC feel.
The weight is a bit heavy at 68g, but it is a very straightforward yoyo!
Thanks to its weight, it spins well.
The bind is very solid, and combined with the shape of the PNIR, the catch is very nice.
Next, let’s talk about the Finger Spin (DNA)!
I don’t have a cheat code so I can’t compare it to that, but at least the PNIR is easier to do DNA than the SPEEDAHOLIC yoyo.
To be more detailed, SPEEDAHOLIC is more stable after getting on the fingers.
However, in terms of ease of use, PNIR is by far the best.
If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to ask.
We will do our best to help you.
Here is a picture of my PNIR

Here is a video of YYR members using the PNIR.

yoyorecreation website.
PNIR yoyorecreation store


It looks so beautiful, I would love to buy the original clear version but they sold out : ( Japan international shipping prices is the Bane of my existence, i just hope YYR releases it in US stores (or atleast YoyoRewind) some time this year

thank you for sharing your thoughts! I always have a soft spot for heavy plastics, I might buy 2 for 3a : D


Im dissapointed at the fact this didn’t pop up when i typed as a keyword, thank you!!!


I was looking for a higher quality plastic to use as an everyday throw and took a chance ordering the PNIR from Japan. While the shipping was more than I wanted to pay for, the PNIR has been great. Solid feeling, smooth, and just fun.

I would like another, maybe someday.


I want a gppr so bad! They look so fun

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Great lightweight yo-yo!
They are coming out with new colors soon!

photo by nir (X)