Yoyorecreation Blink will be received in a week..

I have never used a yoyo from yyr yet. Any one has idea about blink?

… WHAT?! YYR is still making yoyo’s?! This just made my year.

Yeah, but they produce so few products. You may not find one even in the yoyostore in japan. My blink comes from a player in hong kong who have it from kengo kido directly…

Ouch. But I hear what few products they do have are amazing. Hopefuly they will release some more products in the near future :smiley:

But their products are really expensive … Near 200 dollars. My Blink is a second hand (although 99% wholenew) without package box , it takes me 160 dollars to taste how it works…

It’s gonna be really fast… I just got an e=mc2, and that is the exact same as blink, but 4 grams heavier tjhan the blink. Even with it being 4grams more, it plays lightning fast…

Oh how about horizontal play? I heard that it’s not easy for an undersized yoyo.

By the way my Blink is silver anodized and how is your e=mc^2?

I cant say anything for horizontal, simnce I haven’t bothered with it yet, but if the messiah can horizontal, then I’m sure the blink can.

I really like the e=mc2. Its anodized pink. It is so nice. I really want to try a blink now, cuz my emc2 is fast, so the blink must be so fast. make sure you tell me how it is!

ok,I will hand your guys a quick review soon, since I can’t play crazy smooth or fast , I would not be able to tell you if the Blink is really fast. My current top yoyo is a c3 trident ,it vibes a little but really smooth and give you an incredible spin time,even you through with little power. It performances great while you are doing horizontal tricks and hop variations. The laser engraving is intriguing but you will find some tiny loop by the machine.

Let’s see how Blink make me blink!

Hahaha, this should be it’s slogan:

“So fast, if you Blink, you’ll miss it!”

//Declaration: my English may be poor beyond your imagination…

So long time passed before I update this thread… I’m sorry about this but you have little time for hobby in China so do I… I send this yoyo to my friend and ask him about a review, finally we got this.

The first thing I want to mention is that I got a red Blink instead silver one by accident.(In fact there seems to be no silver one with laser engraving)

Then let’s begin .

Undersized? Fast? This sounds like my kinda throw! Too bad I don’t have an extra 160-200 swag bucks laying around.