Blink your eyes

YYR yoyo is really rare, so rare that make many people can’t help being curious about it. So are they just hype trash with secret mist?

Like all the second YYR model type, Blink got a small nimble on the center which I think the pro in YYR don’t want this yoyo plays so floaty, an undersized yoyo may not be sensed if it is so floaty. The rim is a little extend that may give the centrifugal force a bit inner to make sure of the stability. Personally I don’t love this shape when I received the first time. Then we move on to the color way. Red ano, but this red is so unique , even that we hate red kind, but the red on Blink just got my eyes. Clean , full with fashion, it shines in a luxury way under yellow light.

So come with me to the most thing you guys care ---- how it plays? It did vibe, and with a not so pleasant bearing sound according to my first throw which disappointed me a lot. I bind it quickly. So tight, and my hand got an electric shock… I have never used a yoyo bind like this baby. Thinking of this unbelievable bind, I started to try some long time combo, amazing things got happened. So smooth ,so fast, you can’t image this yoyo is helping you to do better! 20 seconds passed ,it doesn’t feel a bit tired and still move quickly and the most important thing is it binds tight no matter how the spinning power decrease, we need this binding ability when throwing horizontal tricks. Normal yoyos always let me down cause they failed to come back. The vibe just mean nothing when you got this feel, so I started to test different variations of hops, can it afford my wish? Certainly, inverted, circular, behind back ,horizontal, any hops can not stop this yoyo amazed you.

For the price, I have to tell the weakness. It didn’t spin as long as you wish. Compared with a bootleg Sleipnir of mine, it was beated. It just show a little advancer than some of the current yoyo designed by Chinese. But maybe just this little thing works, yoyos from my country are good down to the stage while YYR is for the stage.

Finally, I would talk about the YYR Warning. I think it’s totally wrong, I think it’s good for newbies, if you once buy a YYR, you will not need another.( at least for the current period time) These babies will not let you feel bored with practicing and they can be your weapon when you want to show off.

That was a nice concise review. About the raised nub in the hub area, they started using this design to actually decrease center weight by trimming the area around the center. So the nub is not actually raised compared to the previous models, but rather the surrounding area is lowered. I too kind of share your experience with spin time being slightly lacking, but that is only comparatively speaking. If you like the design but want something with a longer spin, you should try the E= mc2.