Question about YYR


Hey guys. I am planning on ordering a YYR this weekend. I will either be getting a Blink or a StarGeyser. Not 100% sure yet. Either way, I will be getting an anodized version of one of those yoyos.

I have a question about the finish on anodized YYR’s.
I was wondering about the grindability of the finish. Not for grinds per say, but for mistakes when the yoyo brushes up against a finger. I have been into chopsticks stuff recently, and whenever I mess up on a polished yoyo, it virtually stops spinning when it rubs on a finger. Due to the unblasted finish, would an anodized YYR behave the same way?

I can get around this by wearing a glove for chopsticks combos, but I would prefer to never have to wear my glove.

Thanks for the info!


With dry hands I can do some short finger and thumb grinds (with a bit of tilt assistance) with my Blink so a few little brushes against the hand shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


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Never really had that issue with any of mine or the ones I’ve tried so you should be fine.


Ok great. Im sure it will work out fine.

Is the Blink as absolutely amazing as I think it will be?
I am leaning towards it due to the 52mm diameter. I have been focusing on tight and technical string tricks and chopsticks elements lately. I feel that it would suit that style of play perfectly based on the stats.

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My favorite YYR is the E=MC2 and you should take a look at it as its the Blinks heavier brother. The weight number-wise doesn’t reflect its play and it plays at any pace you need and spins are amazing. It’s super smooth and has all the qualities that make a great yoyo.

I hear good things about the Blink as well but I haven’t played one. I hear it plays really nice too though. Either this or the E=mc2 would be a great choice.


I prefer a slightly lighter throw, so I figured the Blink was the best option. Also, There is a specific Blink colorway I am in love with.


It’s great for those intricate tech tricks where you have to thread the yoyo through pinholes. It’s also quite fast if you want to unleash some flashier high speed stuff. Haven’t had the chance to try one myself, but by all accounts, the E=MC^2 is a slightly heavier and apparently slightly slower and more stable Blink so that might be worth considering as well if the E=MC^2’s colours tickle your fancy.

Edit: looks like yomagic beat me to the punch



The machining allows both my clash cube and Mr. But her to grind pretty well. Good luck one of the hardest yoyo decisions I have had to make. I was between Sleipnir Gleipnir and Mr. Butcher.


Thanks for the great info guys! I definitely prefer speed over stability.

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I say go for a Blink then! Seems right up your alley


Agreed. There’s really no bad decision here.



The Mr. Butcher was the first YYR I fell in love with. It was like the ferrari poster on the wall to me if you know what I mean. Now that I have more experience, I realized I prefer slightly undersize throws.


You can’t have speed without stability, I know that for sure.

I like the blink and I played Samm Scott’s E=mc^2 and they are both great but I would go for the blink. They are hard to find and rightfully so, they are amazingly good.

Also the YYR yoyos are a bit grippy on the skin but practice will make your mistakes less common, definitely try out a yyr though.