So I tried the shutter today. It’s was awesome one of my favorite yyf yoyos. I heard it will be in the 50-60 dollar range too! Plays great stable and fast. You should try to try one out!

$45 cool looking throw, looks alot like the @ and sine//saw to me.

Or a YYO Brave.

Even the specs are freakishly similar. lol. Still interested, though. :slight_smile:

It’s not going to be 45$, that was mistake on Yoyonews.

Only way to see if its a mistake or not is to wait until it drops for retail sale.

I’d love to see this sell for $45, but it’s probably gonna sell in the $75+ range as most YYF premium metals do. This is a model that interests me.

do you know how much? Hopefully not too expensive!!!

At Worlds, I asked Gentry when it would come out and how much it would be.

He said it would be out by the end of the month, but he said that the price would be announced later. I REALLY hope that it is $45! Even if it isn’t, I will more than likely get one. Unless the Superstar comes out in green…then I might get that instead. Or I could get a CZM84VK…

I really like the shape of it. Not anything YYF has ever done before to my knowledge. May have to try this out…

It looks awesome, but not for my taste. However, the Genesises (Genesi?) look amazing.

Geneses, actually. ;D

It’s Ann Connollys new favorite yoyo so I’m defiantly getting it…

Wow lol.


How do u know?

No, the plural of Genesis is Geneses. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Ann said it was her favorite in the Worlds interview montage.


He thought you spelled it wrong!

That’s embarrassing.

I’m still unsure on Geneses though.

Woah, why are you so rebel?