YoyoFactory Shutter Gentry Stein Promo Video

For those of you who have not yet seen the YYF Shutter video.  I know I’m going to buy one after seeing this.  Enjoy!


My dude!

Ummmmmmmm woooooooweeeeeeeeeee! I hope to win the photo contest to get my hands on this amazing throw :slight_smile: thanks for posting up TA!

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TA, that red/black Shutter with white engraving is literally calling your name.

This is such a fantastic video. ;D

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I reaaaalllly want this throw.

Saw this yesterday. Gentry is so dang good. Gonna cop a Shutter if I can. I can’t find the price ANYWHERE, though. Has it been released yet? If so, can someone please tell me? Thanks :slight_smile:

It has not but Ive heard it’s gonna be around $50

Its coming out the 29th

That video was filmed in an empty lot, on a windy night, in under an hour. They did a great job…amazing video. Loved it.

How do u know?

YYF Facebook

Props to whoever edited the video. The background music was added after the filming, so he was not yo-yoing to the beat. Not just in this place in the video, but the yo-yo is landing to the beat spot on from 1:20 to 1:30…just by coincidence. It looks great though.

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Just an all around awesome video of a yoyo that will indefinitely play better then I do :slight_smile: but I hope to land one! And you are right mad props to the video editor as it is a very nicely laid out video!

This looks too awesome for $45! I must have O_o

I heard great things from those who tried it. This may be the value of the year.

When people do start getting it can you tell me if you think its better than the g funk?

It’s a GREAT yoyo, atleast with one of the gold center track bearings that I tried with it.

Keep in mind, its preference. I thought the shape if the super G/G funk was awesome, I tried my friends g funk and didn’t like it, but really liked the super G. And there the same shape.

May sell my cascade to get Shutter and a Yeti… Really liking the blue and pink :slight_smile:

I wayyyyyyy prefer it over the G yoyos. They don’t play as similar as you would think.