Anyone know what the shutter will cost?

I really want one but I would like to know the price, anyone know it?

Or so.

There was one guy who commented on the Shutter promo posted on the blog, and he said that it costs 199 PLN (Polish currency). That is around $60 in USD. And he even said that in Poland, yoyos tend too be a bit overpriced. Gets me excited…

That’s great.

On yoyofactorys the said its gonna be sub $50

So pumped for this throw. My friends at worlds absolutely loved it, and a sig from Gentry has gotta be something. This pricing is just icing on the cake.

$55 or under.

wow! this is amazing! thought it to be something like 100 Dollar, kinda like the Genesis etc. Now i got to buy one too! xD dont know if i m happy or sad that i have to spend that money^^ gonna wait for some reviews tho

Wow if ^^^ this is true, I am definitely picking one up. Not just because of the price but I got to try Toms Shutter at worlds (he got it from Ben) and I was like WHAT!!! i need to own one now hahaha

I think everyone at our club is too since Tom was nice enough to bring it out for everyone to try. (Toms awesome btw… if you haven’t met Ann Connolly’s dad)

I am most definitely impressed… you will not find a better throw for the price … just saying.

I’d scan my receipt to show how much the retail price was where I bought it, but it shows my discount and I’m too lazy to Photoshop and /or hook up a scanner. I might take a shot with my phone later and edit it.

$44.99 before my discount was applied.