LF yyf Shutter




Um. Why are you willing to pay $65 for a Shutter when they are being sold for only $45?


Cause I mean I’ll pay however much you want me to but the highest I go is 65$ to be nice


Then just buy one from the store. If u buy it from someone else u shoul pay like $35


Buy a new one for 45


I’ll pay 40 if anyone has got one


Actually to be nice I’ll pay 50


Okkk sooo why don’t u buy a new one unless ur trying to scam.


Cause I don’t want to I’m not trying to scam


Here’s one for 45. Black or red.




Your only feedback is from Jack6969 who registered the same day as you.

Kinda sketchy…


Who is that?


If you don’t believe me that’s ok I’m done with that anyways


And I just traded xxjohnsonxx I sent him my Strix for his bandit and I sent he Strix with a concave and three new green strings


Don’t believe me ask him

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