Anyone got a Shutter they're not using?

I’m interested in trying the Shutter but not so interested that I want a brand new one. If you’d be willing to part with yours on the cheap-ish, pm me with details (price, damage, vibe?, colorway).

I especially like the orange/red fade, but I doubt I’d be so lucky as to get an offer on one.

I’m in Minnesota.

You might want to specify which one (There was a 67 gram one and a 65 gram one.) It is very hard to distinguish between the two.

I didn’t even know there were two models. Does the community think one is generally better than the other?

Looks like the 67g one is the current model?

I love the shutter and it’s one of my personal favorites. But to no avail I bought one, and I lost it. I was really mad at myself so I got another one for my birthday. But then, I lost THAT one to. So I want another shutter but I’m afraid of losing it

I don’t actually know, but I can show you how much the weights vary:
Yotricks: 65.96
YYF: 65.5
Mine: 64 even
Rewind: 64.4
YYE: 67.8
YYUSA:64.4 (Same as rewind because they are the same people.)

Maybe YYF machining is just inaccurate or the scales vary, but I recommend that if you get it retail you buy it from YYE as an apology that I mentioned other retailers. :slight_smile:

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I have a well used one it is grey with red splash, if you’re interested I will sell it to you for cheap, probably like $20 shipped or less depending where you live

I am interested. Can you send me some pictures?

I live in Minneapolis, MN.

yeah absolutely! I will PM you!

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