Yoyomuseum.com giveaway!

Edit : We have a winner!  Details soon

We’ve been running this giveaway for a few days on Instagram and Twitter but no-one has sent in the right answers yet, so I’m opening it here!  You can win a God-Tricks Infiniti GT Evolution provided by our awesome sponsor YoYoExpert by playing our Museum treasure hunt. Full details here -


Don’t post your answers here, they must be sent by email - if you’re not following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram please do so and if you can’t do that (I know some people are not members of social media) then include your forum name in the email instead.

You only get one shot, so good luck!

On number 4, do we need to include One Drop’s yoyos?

Yes you do

I don’t think One Drop patented the Side Effect system…

I do believe you’re right there, I remember reading that in another thread.

thought I’d give it a whirl.

  1. it’s a slow day at work
  2. I won from YoYoMuseum before - thought I should try my luck again and see if lightning can strike twice!

What was the first yoyo in the museum? I can’t find that information anywhere.

I found the 2nd exhibit, ugh

If you type in a 1 for the exhibit number, it gives you an error page. That tells me that either the numbering system is just one off, or more likely, they took it down so it would be the one people got stuck on ;). I couldn’t figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got the error message. Chimera?

i think youre just supposed to creep a ton of pages to find the first. thus the ‘hunt.’

Prob so we couldn’t cheat, we have to find it ourselves
BTW nvm

That question is definitely catching a lot of people out, but it wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve already entered to change it. I will say this - no-one has got all of the questions correct yet, and if no-one does by the end of the week I’ll pick someone random from those who got closest (it’s a tie right now). Some have got VERY close…

I actually can’t believe how long that took… my eyes are so dry they’re making squelchy noises when I blink. I should have been in bed hours ago but I was determined to see it through till the end.

Great idea for a contest at any rate, I’m pretty sure I now know every single yoyo in the Museum. ;D

Now, where was I… oh yeh… passes out

Don’t kill yourself!

In other words, give other people a chance! :smiley: JK GJ Marvel Man

A smart person would’ve monitized page clicks…maybe next time.

The idea was to get people looking at things they might not have usually looked at, and that seems to be working. I definitely think we’ll do more treasure hunts, maybe not quite so difficult though.

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I just sent in mine, good luck to all! I had to do some thinking for #1… but I’m hopeful my reason will prevail (probably not ;D)
Really great contest. Although my eyes are now tired, what could be better than looking at yoyos for long periods of time? :wink:
Super excited, I think I might have a chance at this one.

The museum is not as…‘complete’ as I thought it’d be, but it still has some very rare and nice stuff!

It’s always been a work in progress and is limited by what I can have access to to photograph to our standards. Amazing sponsors and friends have been a massive help but yes there huge gaps in the history because we took 4 years off. I’m working on it!