I really can’t find much about them, but I am really eying the Quickmate and Remate.




Give yoyogeezer a PM

he has YYM throws

Thank you :slight_smile:

no problem!


I used to have a pair of Quickmates. Didn’t really care for them. They felt like they were trying to be YoyoJokers, but failed. Still played decent though.

Granted mine were stripped raw…

Thanks. I’ll look for a second opinion on the Basileus now.

If I’m going to shell out $200 for a yoyo I want more than two opinions. Any links to Japanese reviews for the Basileus I can translate in Google?

Just looking at it, and based on the play of the Quickmates, I’d say it’s not worth the $200. Especially for clear anno…

Pick yourself up a YoyoJoker Luminous. Absolutely fantastic yoyo. And you can get them right here on YYE.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! YOYOGEEZER TOLD ME THE BASILEUS IS GREAT! YOU TOLD ME IT IS BAD! AAAAAAAAAH! He said it is like YYR but more balanced, with the same powerful spins. Is Yoyo Joker like that?

I didn’t say it’s bad, just that I feel it’s not worth $200.

I like YYJoker more than YYR. You can REALLY feel the axle system working in the Luminous. I also used to own a Double Joker. Also an awesome yoyo. A tad too small for me, though.

If I had to rate them: YYJoker > YYR > yoyo monster

Is it all rim weight?

What do you mean?

Is the weight focused only on the rims, or is there a bit of center weight giving it more agility?

Probably one of the few yoyos I’d say this about, but it’s perfectly balanced. The weighting is just perfect. I originally thought that the plastic rings would give a higher ratio of weight to the center, but they don’t.

Oh, plus the rings glow under a blacklight. How cool is that.

It said it has a slight vibe, is that true? I’m not buying a $200 yoyo unless it is BUTTER.

If you look at it, there’s a very very slight wiggle, but I absolutely can’t feel it.