Yoyomonster 3points Review?

Anyone have a review/opinions on the Yoyomonster 3points? I was thinking about trying to trade for one on the BST.

I’ve played one before and to be honest It is like a mighty flea but it can handle long combos and actually is quite stable, not to mention it takes normal size string(also works great with flea string). This yoyo also has a million times better spin time than a flea or anything similar in size from my experiences. This yoyo being Japanese and very expensive for its size($120) displays excellent quality. The engravings are super precise and it has a very high polish finish. This yoyo was only available at a contest in japan I belive and I think someone from yoyostorerewind was there and got a couple for their store but there gone now. Long story short these throws are very hard to find.

Buy an Aoda Littles. Plays just as well/better for 13$. End of story.

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Would it be worth a CLYW or something of similar value?

Um That’s a decision for you to make because it comes down to personal preference. The yoyo is very small and takes a person who likes mini yoyos and I’m not sure if you like yoyos of this size. Its a very nice yoyo but it has to be your style. Its about the same price so technically it would be a fair trade but any yoyo this size takes a certain type of player to like it.

Do they have a good resale/trade value? I know there were only 15 made but some yoyos attract more people than others. I liked my POPstar and Token, but I’ve never really tried anything smaller.

Not to sure.