Which undersized yoyo?

I have the shutter and replay pro. Last night I left my T6 Rainbow (I think that’s the name) which was undersized on top of the car and lost it somewhere down the road, so I need to replace it. Under 30$ what would be in your opinion a good choice? Although it was a 11$ yoyo it was prolly my favorite.

I highly recommend the C3yoyodesign Token, undersized, a really fun throw and only $28 (also in some fantastic colors imo)

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Sick look!! So far I have three yoyos in mind that I know of.
The boss, dv888, token

I’v owned a dv888 it was super smooth,but short lived due to mis threading .

I just hate reading description it makes me want to buy every yoyo I read the description on lol

I just got a yyf boss. It is VERY good

I like the YYR Lilliputian. I get long spin times, positive binds and it plays quick and stable. It’s $38 though.

I notice you play that a lot from your posts. Is it still available? Did I ruin the Little Evil 2 for you, by sending that Angel Hair string? :smiley:

Haha. Yeah, YYF just did a restock. No, the Angle Hair just isn’t speaking to me. Doesn’t seem to soften up. As far as the Lilliputian goes. It gives my MFD 2Evil plenty of competition. It’s probably my throw but I’m not getting as much stability from the Little Evil 2 as the other undersized throws. Recently bought a used POPstar that plays pretty good and that’s my new pocket throw.

Ok now I’m down to dv888 or the boss?

What about yoyo King dr smalls… Any input?

Scratch this , this yoyo is hella small

Dr Smalls is a fun yoyo. It comes with two bearings which is a bonus and it plays fast and light. :slight_smile:

The Boss is an excellent yoyo, too. The DV888 has its fans but you need to buy an additional kit if you want unresponsive play.