yoyolunatic situation- please disregard, it was my mistake. Zip code.

Many have probably read the post I made earlier today.

It was my mistake that the money order has not come yet, it slipped by me, that I switched the order of 2 numbers in my zip code, ultimately sending it to Mexico, other than MA.

Dr.yoyo got the 2 of us into a chat room with him, and we figured it all out.

Yoyolunatic is NOT a scammer, and I want everyone to rethink their opinion that they made today by reading it.

Once again, I am truly sorry, and yoyolunatic is not a bad trader, please trust him, because it was my mistake.

Thank you.


Lesson to everyone.
Get a Mod involved, communicate, and most of all
Use Paypal,


yes everyone and i hope everyone can be friends again

I’m glad this got resloved

i thought something like this might happen… though i have had problems with paypal in the past, they’ve all been fixed, only problem is you have to pay a fee.

okay, Resolved, YYL is going to resend the MO as sson as it gets back to him (from Mexico) Thank goodness for return address’.