Yoyolunatic is not to be trusted


I sent him a money order for a FHZ. He sent me a message that he got the money order then a week later he said that he thought we agreed on a higher price. I told him I still had the pm with the agreed amount and he ok that was fine the another week later he said he really wanted the higher price. I told him just return the money. He said don’t worry about it and that he would send the you for that price. Another week went by and no yoyo. I pm him telling him to send the yoyo or I would report him to the admin. he said he sent it yesterday. Another week later no yoyo and his account says its closed. So if there is a way to block him from opening another account and doing it to someone else that would be great. Thanks


IP Banning :wink:

(DOGS) #3

He went and bought a buddies Fishy Fire Bassalope. He sent the Bassalope after lunatic “sent” the money. Claimed the reason he didn’t get the money was because he accidentally sent it to Mexico… by screwing up a US zip code.


i sent him 100 dollars for his collection he posted and he never sent it :’(


He closed the account himself, he wasn’t banned. IP banning probably is not feasible - he’s on a road runner dsl line. We’d probably kick about half of newyork.


Just noticed that Yoyolunatic was active again on this site. Was wondering if there was a way he could be banned. I noticed that there were a few bst that he did not follow through on. His account was closed y him but some how he activated it again.