calling out elnooch07

I have recently performed a trade with member elnooch07 on the date we agreed to ship (tuesday August 31, 2010) I sent my General-Yo Ministar and when i pmed him the tacking number he said that he couldn’t send the Kyo DNS he agreed to trade because he didn’t get out of football practice until 5 PM and said that he would send it on Saturday (September 4, 2010). Saturday came around, I PMed him asking if he sent it i got this reply:

[quote=elnooch07]no i had to do a lot of crap im really tired i cant send tommorow or monday so tuesday is the day srry man im kinda bummed i cant do it today cause i dont want to waste homework time on tues
So today is Tuesday and I sent him another PM asking if he shipped it today. No response and he was online. Later he entered the yoyoexpert chat and when he was asked about the DNS he just logged off chat.

So elnooch07 I present you with this ultimatum, Either send my DNS by Thursday September 9, 2010 or be charged with mail fraud, which is a felony.

pretty ishy deal but tbh I don’t think you can have elnooch07 brought up on Mail Fraud Charges because he didn’t send you a yoyo. Larceny after Trust though, that is definitely possible.

yes you can. it’s called non-delivery of goods.

Actually there are things that can be done. Mail fraud is one of them.

Really, I guess I need to find the definition of Mail Fraud, wow. Well good enough, hopefully this situation gets resolved. Wouldn’t it be stupid to go before a judge because you were too lazy to man up to an agreement of trading yoyos.

Seriously, I have proof of the trade agreement as well as delivery confirmation saying that i held up my end of the trade.

So that’s why he kept going in and out of chat.

yeah :confused:

Let this be a lesson to ALL YOU THIEVES that take joy out of conning people out of their yoyos, maybe you won’t get caught today or the next day, but if we decide to, we CAN bring the law into this.

Hope this thing gets resolved, totally not right.

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thanks. what I’m hoping is that he just sends it, but i will bring the law into it.

You know what, now that I think about, I don’t know if Andre can do this or not, but it would definitely be good if say you give someone a negative rating, and so they try to change names to con more people, but then since it’s on the same IP address, they automatically get the same negative rating.

he had 8 positive ratings.

Maybe faked?


I told him that would be fine as long as it’s still 100% mint.

It looks like it all turned out OK

I know I’m a little late but I have bought something from elnooch07 before and he was great. I’m sorry it looks like he didn’t have much control over what happened.

Nope. One of them is mine

In that case, I apologize.

i know him, his positive ratings arent fake, just give him a chance trust me he will get it out

Yeah I had something very similar to this happen not too long ago with a different member. It ended up working out just fine, so sometimes I guess you gotta just chill and let it happen as it will. Of course its always risky and some apprehension is inevitable when dealing with high-value goods, but if the odds are stacked pretty well in your favor going into the trade, usually it will go fine. Just remember to leave accurate (not emotionally swayed) feedback about the transaction.

Man, I hope you at least get it soon. The last thing we need here is more scams.