Well, I just bought a new YoYoJam SR-71 yoyo from (Bobs Bait and Tackle).
Everything is fine, well, almost everything…I noticed today that there is a tiny gap between metal and plastic part, it’s about 1/2 mm wide and the plastic seems like a liiiitle bit bigger than aluminum so it doesn’t fit perfect…now the bigger problem is that it is not like that on the whole circle only on the half of the yoyo, so I would say this is not a factory mistake. I have to say that I suddenly hit the floor a few times but not so hard that this would happen :confused: I mean i had a 100% plastic yoyo (duncan flying squirrel) before this one and hit him a lot and much stronger and there was no such a problem, also the SR-71 is now wobbling more than before, so is the YoYo already broken or? If it is I am very disapointed because it’s brand new and it is a birthday present :frowning:

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if you take that one half and press it on a flat surface as hard as you can, it will usually close up. This happens alot with plastic/metal hybrids. if you cant fix it, you could probably get the place you got it from to replace it.

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Thanks a lot man! It solved a problem, I figured it out by myself a moment after I posted the problem here, but thanks a lot

no prob. usually it starts to separate due to a hard hit on floor