yoyojam speeder

dose eny one have this yoyo? now spin time? overall performence? and is it good for a intermediete yoyoer ???

You should know. Its your favorite.

iknow but like best spin time u have wid it

i got it 2day and i had a sleeping test and it slept for 1 min. and 5 sec.

mine was 56 seconds

I have it. Out of the box spin time was 1 min 37 sec. Spin time with thin lube was 2 min 57 sec. Spin time with thin lube and konkave bearing was 4 min 48 sec. Overall performance, worth it. This yoyo really does speed. And yes, it is an excellant choice for an intermediate yoyoer.

i kinda want to get it but im in advanced do you reckomend it for me?

Yes sir! Hiroyuki Suzuki used it and he ranks way above master! I should have put intermediate and up! It is one great yo-yo!