YoYoJam Legacy

YoYoJam Legacy, the Review

The What and the Why:
The Legacy by YoYoJam is another yo-yo in National Yo-Yo Master Andre Boulay’s signature lineup. After falling in love with my first “real” yo-yo, the YoYoJam Dark Magic, I knew that its wider gap’d, dual silicone’d celcon replica would find its way into my collection eventually. What really drew my attention to this yo-yo was the sterling reviews that I found everywhere from pros to beginners alike. I found the perfect opportunity in a trade and made the decision it was time.

At First Glance:
The trade was for a yellow Legacy, and to be totally honest I was not in love with the color. Quickly pushing that aside, I noticed these beautiful blinding mirrored caps printed on with black graphics. On closer inspection I see a familiar “Andre Boulay Signature Series” printed around the circumference of one of the caps. I found myself thinking “Man, it must be nice to have your name on hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of yo-yos that have shipped around the world.” Moving on from a crushed dream of never going pro, I continued my “once over” of this awesome looking throw. I think it’s time to grab the calipers, take some real measurements, then saddle it up with some Element string.

Tech Specs and Personal Pics

Diameter:  55.27mm [i]measured by digital caliper[/i]
Width:     40.34mm [i]measured by digital caliper[/i]
Response:  Flush Silicone
Weight:    68 grams [i]sourced from yoyoexpert.com store[/i]
Bearing:   Size C

Left to Right: YYF Frantic, YYF 888 B-Grade (stacks removed), YYJ Legacy, YYJ Dark Magic


I should note that since this was a trade, the bearing was already broken in. With that said, my first throw of this yo-yo was just a walk down memory lane. The shape is so similar to the Dark Magic that it felt like I thrown this yo-yo hundreds of times. Once it leaves my hand, a familiar hum of a clean YoYoJam large bearing reaches my ear. The crisp melody reassuring me that all is right in the yo-yo world, and I can throw to my heart’s content with no issues. Patiently waiting in a trapeze, I nudged the string into the dual silicone response of the Legacy, in an attempt to make it snag or quickly reduce RPMs. It was mission failure on both accounts, as the legacy continued to spin away with neigh a snag in sight. Impressive. This yo-yo just glides across the string. With my fingers a puppeteer, we put on a Vegas worthy show with fast, smooth movement. This yo-yo is so stable I am comfortable with every trick in my bag.

The Honeymoon’s Over, What do I Think Now?
I believe that when we first throw a yo-yo, we get this honeymoon effect. As long as everything works and flows together, I am overjoyed at the performance of every new yo-yo that I throw. After three solid days of play, the honeymoon is over, but I am still impressed. All of my original opinions still stand, and it has even found its way into my belt loop as my daily carry. The YoYoJam truly carries on the Dark Magic’s reign, and neither will give up their throne any time soon.

Oh, and uh. I’m on a boat.

great review

Nice. I didn’t read ALL of it but good review. Very informative.

great review i feel the same way about my legacy thats why when a friend broke the axle in my first one i decided to get this one again instead of a metal(i preffered the weight to the metal.
i am currently throwing 1a a with a dv888 but the legacy is my primary 5a yoyo

note did you recently listen to im on a boat for the first time or something

Lmreo, no. I just think that song is very innovative in this age of terrible rap about 28’’ rims on 4-door sedans. It pokes fun at the fake industry, and I love it.

Haha that was great.

Yeah the I’m on a Boat is funny.

OMGOMGOMGOMG I love the Legacy soooo much… Maybe 'cause mine is signed, but it is one of my best players.

Great review.

This was such an amazing review, I really enjoyed reading it.

Great review, but it really sounds very exaggerating with all the dramatic descriptions. :wink:

Very good review! Pics were nice. Keep it up!

Nice Review! :smiley:

I don’t do “undramatic” anything. Besides, the Legacy has been reviewed quite a bit, and there is nothing wrong with a little swagger in a review. Yeah, I exaggerate things when the make me happy, ya digg? lol