Legacy review

The Legacy was designed by National Yo-Yo Master André Boulay and produced by yoyojam.
It has a weight of 68 grams, flush silicone response, a diameter of 2.18 inches, a width of 1.56 inches, and a fixed gap.
Pros: The first thing I noticed about this yoyo is that it gives very smooth play, almost like a metal. I also realised that it has incredible spin times(compared to my other yoyos, at least), maybe due to the internal weights. It is very unresponsive, making it easier to do tricks like plastic whip, etc. It also has a very wide gap, making it easier to do more gyroscopic flops. The silicone response gives the Legacy very tight binds. The yoyo also looks quite eye-appealing with its mirrored caps.
Cons: The design on the caps gats scratched easily, so I dare not do thumb grinds with the cap on for fear that the design may get scratched by my nails. Other that that, there are no other serious problems that affect play significantly.
All in all, I feel that the Legacy is a yoyo that is worth more than its price. It is like a metal that has the price of a plastic! It is a must-buy if you are can do a good bind and you are finding a cheap but good yoyo to learn advanced tricks.

Nice Review! :smiley: Good post, good post.

Nice review!

I’ve found a little trick that helps with the caps,

I noticed the design on my new breed was scratching off so I took off the caps. I found that I prefer play with the caps on, so I put them back on, but backwards, this way I still had the caps, and they weren’t getting scratched!

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