yoyojam kickside

how to make a kickside sleep longer ???

u got a new kickside? Just clean the bearing, silicone your o-ring, sand your starburst, add some weight rims and it will rawk.

But stock is good enough.

ty for the sugestion ;D

What I did to mod my KS to make it amazing:

Clean the Bearing
2 Red Shims


My KS is amazing, well, it would be, if the seat wasnt screwed up :frowning:

  1. Put a new string on.

  2. Get a KK Bearing (Large). This will center the String and it will make it sleep longer.

  3. Lube your Yo-Yo. Get some Thin Lube open the Yo-Yo and put some drops onto the SIDE of the Bearing. Spin the Bearing a bit with your finger to spread the Lube. Then put your Yo-Yo back together and Voilá ^^. Gotta play a bit to wear it in and it will sleep longer.

  4. Open the Gap to maximum width. Then the Yo-Yo String wont touch the sides so often and itll sleep longer.

I got it to sleep for over 2 mins with that so gl hf :slight_smile:

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Thanks :wink:

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