Are there any good Modifications for The New Breed or Kickside? I’ve taken the caps out of my kickside and its Bearing has been clean and is dry. My New Breeds bearing has also been cleaned and it is dry. Are there any Mods that could make them spin longer, Spin faster, have tighter binds, etc. ?

It is advisable to thin lube your bearings after you wash them, because leaving the bearing dry shortens the bearing´s life spam alot.

For the New Breed, lube it and leave it like that. But for the kick side you could make some shims for it and silicone it.



Thanks for the Vids. :slight_smile: And the only reason I didn’t lube it is They are always out of Thin Lube. >:(

You can use a comparable oil such as gun oil or most any other thin lubricant.

i satined my new breed plays like a beast. for the kickside i would go the whole 9 yards. i would clean the bearing, reshape and satin, silicone recess or just silicone, add weight. all that stuff

Reshape? I think the kickside has the best shape out there!

In your preferences. I would just get some slim K-Pads and stick em’ in there. Because they are silicone. Yoyoexpert has 198 bottles of Thin Lube in stock, I don’t know why they should be out of stock.

well when i said reshape i mean if you would want to you could. he asked what [i]possible[i] mods there are not whether he wanted to do them

Reshaping a kickside? Get outta town!

The kickside has a very good shape imo

i know. he asked what possible mods there were. just telling him what he could do if he wanted to.

Just so you guys know, for the most part, the mods you can do to one yoyo you can do to any yoyo. There’s a few exceptions, but there always are.