Kickside mods

(me) #1

so I’m thinking of modding my kickside instead of getting a new yo yo, and I have a few options listed above and below. I’m just wondering which would be the best buys. On top of these I will clean the bearing. I will have to add five dollars to each item for shipping. Center trac: 10.99 shims: .99 kickside: $14.95 silicone o-rings $2.99

(Q) #2

To be perfectly honest, all you have to do to a Kickside for it to be a great player is shave the O-Ring and clean the bearing. Give that a o before you try anything else.




i play mine stock LOL makes you a better player.


Clean bearing and rtv silicone in the one side, plays amazing!

(me) #6

Well I cleaned the bearing so it spins nicely, but whenever I put it on the o-ring side where the axle is it feels like there’s still dirt in it when I flick it. I already cleaned the o-ring side so I figured that it must be screwed and I should just get a new yo. (like a siliconed lyn fury)

(Ariq) #7

Please give him other ideas other then playing it stock. He has been playing it stock so now he WANTS to upgrade his kickside.