Help needed for a KickSide...

Does anyone have any tips on adding weight to a kickside for better spins?

You shouldn’t need any weight. BUT if you really want to add some you can go to a hardware store and get O-Rings that fit inside the irg area. Also you can pay a modder to add metal weight rings.

I’m w/ Icthus on this one. I don’t know if you have cleaned the bearing yet but I would start w/ that before adding weight.

Ha! I had that on my mind to put in that post but I guess I blanked on it. lol

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, LOL!

You need to live in my house then. I need someone to have my back at all times! lol

LOL, you and me both!

So the winning suggestion is a clean bearing! Thanks fellas I’ll make that happen this weekend.

Make sure to use lighter fluid, or acitone. A paint remover, but doesn’t remove paint on yoyo bearings, be careful, both are highly flammable.

You can always remove the o-ring and silicone it. (I got two kicksides and silicones both o ring halves and put it together. It’s my best plastic and it Took like 20 minutes)

I actually forgot about this. Great idea. It will help too.

I have mine setup w/ two thick shims, sili’d, and a dry bearing. Plays like a champ!!!

I don’t have one anymore. lol I need another three or four. lol

Best $15 I’ve ever spent, LOL! I might have to get another one for modding. ;D

I have 5. All different types response and weight and what not. :slight_smile: I love kicksides

aquarius ringssss they fit kicksides since they have the same pog size

Modding yoyos is so fun! We all love modding yoyos!

How would the Kickside play if I sili just the one O-ring side?

Re: the weight question. The rubber weight o-rings found underneath the caps of a Duncan FH-2 fit perfectly on the Kickside.