Kickside Problems =[

I bought a Kickside a few days ago and it’s having some problems… The spin time is low and it can’t handle any string tricks. The bearing doesn’t spin very long at all when i spin it with my finger in fact it doesn’t spin for 1 second. I really need help.

Did you put any thick lube on it. That would be the cause if you did. Even thin lube (if you put too much) will do that. Other than that make sure the bearing is nestled all the way in the bearing seat and that the bearing seat isn’t messed up. And if it is lube then just keep playing with it and it will go back to normal.

Yup just as I said at school dude thick lube. By the way u haveing any luck with the hitman?

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well thick lube will do that, but if you didn’t put thick lube in it and it is still doing that, then take off the shields and see if there is any gunk in there. if you have a bike pump, try blowing some air through the bearing.

Since the Kickside is made of Celcon, the plastic around the bearing seat shouldn’t melt too easily.
If you fing out that the bearing seat did melt, try contacting YoYoJam and see if they can fix or replace your yoyo. Contact info:


I’ve Fixed my Yoyo. I cleaned it with Lighter Oil and it’s perfect! It’s even better then when i got it out of the Box. =D

That’s good, it must have just been the bearing then. ;D


the solution is very simple and is needed on any yoyo; clean the bearing with mineral spirits, and apply thin lube

The problem is already solved, jetboy, and cleaning the bearing isn’t needed on every yo-yo.

How am I supposed to know that. And hate to break it to you, but over time, it is needed

That seems to be fairly definitive that the problem is solved.

As for needing to clean bearings, I have some Duncan bearings that I have done absolutely nothing to. I haven’t cleaned them, I haven’t lubed them, I haven’t even de-shielded them and they play just fine albeit responsive due to the lube in them stock. I also haven’t cleaned some of my C bearings in a year. They are completely smooth spinning and unresponsive. I might put a drop of thin lube in those once every couple of months. I don’t know about you but that seems to show that it isn’t needed.

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It might not be “needed”, but it definitely improves the performance on ANY yoyo.