Bearing Help!

Hey guys, I’m coming here out of desperation, my bearings are not working like they are supposed to. They are both C-Sized but one is on an X-Con and one on a Cyclotron. I have cleaned these bearings time and time again, lubed it, played it dry, played it slightly wet, and they are still just WAY too responsive. Its not the the response system because they are both siliconed, but keep smacking up against my hand when trying to do a triangle laceration. They are both de-shielded as well. Both yoyo’s are completely gunk-free and played just fine before all of this. But today when I decided to try mastering Ladder Escape I could barely get past the first step! >:( They did not sleep for more than 30 sec. when I actually have clocked the X-Con at 2:43 and the Cyclotron at 4:39. ???

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

clean it and put one drop of thin lube then play with it for 1-2 days and it should turn unresponsive

Just keep using it, and give it some time to break in.


  1. How are you cleaning it and with what?

  2. How are you lubing it and with what?

  3. Check for hair. Since the bearing is deshielded there is a huge chance that hair has gotten in it.

  4. Does the bearing feel grindy or smooth when you turn it with your fingers?

1: Take a pin and search for gunk in the bearing. If I see any I take it out. Then I rinse it with some water.
2: Take a drop of thin lube and but it where the bearing goes.
3: Refer to #1
4: It feels grindy with a flick of a finger and then it stops about a second later. I have no idea what is the problem.

you need to clean it with mineral spirits with a pin you clean it but not inside the little balls so i recomend you get some mineral spirits or lighter fluid

Clean, Dry VERY WELL (Spin it on something or compressed air), Over-Lube it.

Play with it for a few days and they should be good.

DON’T use WD40 though. It will KILL your bearing.

Well I dont have any lighter fluid but where can I get Mineral Spirits?

A hardware store.

hair seems like it could be very likely. Do you have any pets?

I have one trick that might work for you. when you clean it (after soaking it in mineral spirits) instead of spinning it. Try putting it on a pencil and find a hard surface that you dont mind getting scratched. put down a paper towel (to protect the bearing from scratches) and apply some pressure to the bearing while moving it back and forth like a rolling pin (like making pizza dough). I dunno why but this has done the trick for me a few times in the past. WHen i have had a bearing that didnt seem to spin/clean proper. I think it grinds what/ever is making it stick. I ussally do an other soak in the spirits after the grinding /rollerpin thing. If you look into jar after the grinding you will ussally see gunk that you didnt b4. if you do you will know it worked. Don’t forget to add some lube after though.

Hope this helps. :>

Okay I’ll try that. Thanks guys.