yoyojam Karma responsive problems, please help :(


My yoyojam Karma is acting responsive. It has been thrown only for about an hour or so. I took the bearing out, and tested it with some spares. It still binds itself with each bearing I put it in, each of which work fine on other yoyo’s. The Karma makes a screechy sort of noise while it is spinning, I suspect the bearings are rubbing the wall. Are there some things I can try to make it unresponsive again?


can you take some pics of the bearing seat of each half, and maybe the bearing sitting in place on one?


From right to left/top to bottom:

  1. both halves empty
  2. halves screwed together no bearing
  3. left half with original bearing
  4. right half with original bearing
  5. left half with spare
  6. right half with spare


Do you have any extra response pads you swap out? Or do the current ones appear to be seated flat in the groove?

Peace… - Woody


It’s hard to tell by the pictures… But it looks like one of the pads is sitting a little high.

Peace… - Woody


Both pads are raised out of the grooves a little bit, I don’t have any spare pads but I’ll fill some gasket sealer responses and see if the problem persists.

I noticed that the stock bearing has tapered sides, and the buddah bearings don’t. Could that be whats causing the noise while its spinning?

(rizkiyoist) #7

Nope, even if the pads are raised slightly it won’t make it responsive, unless it’s raised so high that it will look very obvious.
I don’t know if it was due to the camera, but on the second middle photo you can see the bearing is very slightly more on the right side of the picture, WITHOUT load. Maybe, just maybe the bearing seat is defective.
Try this, put the bearing at the seat on one side of the yoyo, press it down firmly, and then spin it back and forth while pushing it to the sides. If the bearing area is indeed defective, you’ll have that one spot where it will grind.
If that’s the problem, personally I would return the yoyo or try fixing it myself by sanding either the tip of the bearing or the bearing area spot where it’s grinding, depending on which one I want to risk.

Yes, the bevel of the bearing might also be the cause if the bearing area on the yoyo is badly designed or machined, though normally it shouldn’t happen, not on a Yoyojam.