Bearing trouble ? Why is it now responsive ? Please help!

So I bought a new yoyofactory sugar and the bearing that it came with was a center track bearing but unfortunately it was kinda gritty and didn’t spin very long and was turning responsive on me ?? And to make things worse I had to use pliers to take it out. So I brought in a replacement bearing (and keep in mind that I never lube my bearings I always play them dry) and the new one spun much longer and was smooth and the next day the new bearing was the same as the other one !!! It’s kinda gritty and is turning responsive as well. So I think the problem is that when I took out the old bearing I had to use pliers and I think the shards of the pliers or bearing got around the bearing seat and when I replaced it with the new one the shards got in the bearing so I think that’s the problem but I’m considering putting some thin lube in the new bearing is that going to help it ?? Please help !!!

I’d clean the bearing before lubing, either flush it with solvent or at least blow it out with compressed air. If there’s a foreign object in there, lube will make it slide around a little easier but won’t get it out.

What kind of bearing is the new one?


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Hey friend,

sounds like you’ve tried 2 bearings and ended up with equal result even though the bearings worked better at different points.

I would try a full reset. Take the bearings out [when using pliers which I try not to use (buy a bearing removing tool with your next purchase on YYE for $5) use a folded up paper towel to avoid metal on metal as much as possible]

Then I would use a Q-tip and clean both bearing seats out. If you are putting a smooth bearing into a throw, and it becomes not smooth. It is likely dirt in the bearing seat.

I would clean both bearings out as well using isopropyl alcohol.

Sometimes new throws come with bearings that become responsive while in transit. The temperature changes can make any oils thicken, thin, move while travelling to your door step. It’s common. Sometimes just playing the bearing for a while will “break it in”

Adding thin lube AFTER cleaning would be a personal choice and will definitely make it more responsive until it breaks in. I believe there are several threads on this forum on bearing cleaning and lubing to help

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It’s a YYT vip bearing ant thanks for the advice

Thanks so much I will try to follow the steps as best as I can but I think the hardest part is trying to pop off the bearing seat first when I clean it :sweat_smile: but I guess I have to be patient and break in the bearing I’ll try my best thanks :grin: and yeah I actually have a YYF multi tool but the bearing was soooo stubborn I couldn’t take it out so I had to use pliers as a last resort but I always use the multi tool whenever i have the chance and I will definitely use the paper method you mentioned too thanks :+1:t2:.

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