Bearing Problem

I recently bought a Remnant 2 from String Theory Yoyos. I’ve been yoyoing about a year now and just felt like it was time to get a really nice yoyo. I absolutely love it, but I had a problem with the bearing. It kept going responsive at random times. Not like the break in period, after playing with it for 2 weeks, it was unresponsive most of the time, but at random moments, it would turn responsive. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 30 seconds. I love whip and suicide tricks, so this particular problem left me quite a few bruises. Eventually, when I realized it wasn’t going to break in, I switched out the bearing from my dm2. This was a general yo aircraft grade bearing I bought several months ago. I’ve had it in my dm2 for several months, and it always played flawlessly, perfectly unresponsive. but after just a week in the remnant 2, it started having the same problem as the original bearing. is there something with this yoyo that is causing the problem, or have i just been (un)lucky enough to not have this problem for the first year i’ve been yoyoing? I’m planning on cleaning at least one of the bearings tomorrow and trying it back out, but this is really causing me some consternation.

check the bearing seat
clean the bearing
maybe change the response
maybe just play it more.

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I don’t believe its the bearing seat or response, as after the bearing started acting up, I put it back into my dm2 and the same thing still happened. To me, that shows a problem with the bearing. Is it normal for responsiveness to last that long? I was playing several hours a day for 2 straight weeks, and it still had large periods of responsiveness. I’m going to clean the original bearing today and try it back out.

hmm… not really sure, it depends on how much lube was in it and everything. if the problem persists after cleaning it, then not really sure what to tell you.
check if there’s any foreign material in your bearing. do you play with out without the shields on your bearing? because if you play without, there’s a better chance that something can get inside of it.

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Just clean the bearing first. Make sure to take the shields off.

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I cleaned it, and after a bit of responsive play, it went back to being straight unresponsive. I’m playing unshielded now. I guess my Remnant 2 is just cursed haha. Thanks so much for your help