hey all. im a knuckle head and dont do a lot of maintenence on my yoyo since im too busy playing. lately though my yoyo bearing has been dying lately. when you take the yoyo apart and try to spin the bearing itself it will spin on it’s own for a very long time. this time it will last 20 seconds? and when i bind and what not the bearing seems dead it sometimes wont respond or it comes back to my hand very loosely like it was a weak bind.

is this just a clean bearing problem? i just have to clean the bearing, or try to lube it up?

It sounds more like a response system problem than a bearing problem. What yo-yo is it and what response system does it have?

it’s the dark magic 2 w/ the unresponsive bearing. when i try to wind it, it follows around the bearing. normally after 3 winds you can let go of your non throw hand and wind all the way up, but it just keeps going around and around. do you know what i’m talking about?

You could always try keeping your finger in there longer, but it sounds like the response is wearing out. You could replace it with YYJ’s pads, K-Pads, or silicone.

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Also note that if you silicone it or lube the bearing a tiny bit, you need to break it in for a few days. Not just 1-2 hours of hard core playing but probably a few days. You can tell it’s broken in when it’s dead unresponsive.

You don’t have to lube it, but lubing it will prevent wearing out too soon and the bearing will be a tad more quiet.

I forgot to mention that my spin time has died down greatly. Is that dealing with the same problem?

Spin time died too soon?
it might be the response as well.
If you don’t have enough friction to keep the string in place during the time the yoyo wind down as you throw, most likely you wont have all the force of your throw transfered to the yoyo as spin time. The string would simply slip out.

So what do you suggest?

Maybe this…