My yoyo bearing is responsive. Help?

So, with every single yoyo I have, every bearing is responsive. Any way to fix that? And to prevent that? Note: They become responsive within a day of play.

do you lube it as soon as you get it? is the bearing slim? What yoyo was the bearing in?

I do not lube it, it is a onedrop YELETS bearing, idk what a “slim” bearing is, but ya.

Well my guess would be your getting something in the bearing like hair or lint or something if all your bearings are having this problem. We can assume you don’t just have bad luck and every bearing coming your way is bad.
First thing I would do is figure out what is getting in there and why.
How ever to fix this all you likly need is a can of air to blow the bearing out with.
If that doesn’t work then go about your favorite cleaning routine. if you live in a more humid enviroment you may want too lube it a bit afterwords.
Good luck.


Are you doing a trick like a GT and then dropping it by accident into the gap?

What kind of string are you using?

Any other details you can provide?

The consistency tells me it’s a human issue.

Do you unscrew it a lot? Do you have long hair :).

Do you mess with it? Do you mess with the seat the yoyo sits in?

Open the yoyo up take the bearing out and look at the place it sits is there anything unusual,