Yo-yo mods and mantanince

I don’t know if I have a curse or what, but I just got a brand new bearing and after about 10 throws it’s already totally responsive. I am getting sick of this happening.

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Try the hyperspin method of bearing cleaning!


Do you have a pet that sheds a lot?

Thanks but yeah just got the bearing.

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I do but the bearing has a shed on it so I don’t know how any hair would have gotten in.

This happens to my unresponsive bearings fairly frequently and my best guess is that it has to do with the very fine undercoat that my dogs shed. It also seems to happen more often when I’m throwing at home than when I’m out somewhere else, which seems to support that they.

Even if a bearing is shielded, stuff can still manage to get into it or get between the bearing seat and the outer race and interfere with the free spinning of the bearing. Usually, when I take a yoyo apart that I have been throwing a lot, there is a collection of dust, dog hair, and other debris that has collected around the bearing seat. (This probably happens more often with responsive yoyos since the lube can make everything that winds up there stick together more, but I don’t worry as much about my responsive yoyos being slightly more responsive. It’s much more annoying when you start getting “surprise binds” on an unresponsive.)

When it happens, I usually just throw the bearing in the bottle to be cleaned and put a new one in that is ready to go. When I have a handful to clean, I’ll do that and store them for later use. It’s the circle of (bearing) life. I usually deshield at least one side of the bearing, if it’s feasible, and I usually don’t put the shield back on. My personal experience is that it does not seem to make a big difference in the likely hood that it will lock up again soon.


That’s this happens every time I get a bearing. Do you know of any solutions?

Well, if that’s what is happening (debris getting in the bearing) then storing them in containers that insulate them from dust and debris and trying not to use them too much in those types of environments, or maybe trying to dust/sweep/vacuum more could help?

And get some extra bearings so it’s not as big of a drag to change one out when needed?

It’s also possible that you are just unlucky and getting a “bad bearing”, which does happen, but if cleaning helps then it’s probably not the bearing itself causing the problems. I’ve had this type of thing happen with all kind of bearings from all kinds of places.


Thanks So Much You Have ßeen A Huge Help. I Will ße Sure To Try Those Solutions Out.

What’s up with your B’s?

Hold down lowercase s

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ßśš. cool


Well, even store bought brand new in the box yo-yos can have bearing issues, if you get unlucky! But as @Malachi said it sounds like maybe something in your environment if it is happening often…

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Sometimes new bearings need a little bit of breaking in . Depending on how responsive it is may just need to play through it. If it’s very responsive I was desheild and dip in acetone for about 10-15 minutes dry it and slap her back in .

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I think something’s going on with shipping environments or something. Nearly half the yoyos I’ve bought lately, after about 20 minutes the bearings go responsive.

I’ve always wondered about this but never really posted anything. Basically every time I’ve ever purchased a yoyo off the BST I’ve had to clean the bearing after like 10-20 minutes of play. And I’m positive sellers aren’t just shipping me yoyos with well played/dirty bearings. So it just being the nature of shipping yoyos seemed like the case. Maybe it’s the temperature or humidity or something else. Or maybe we’re all just really unlucky and only the 10% of people who get unlucky with bearings ever speak up about it, who knows.

I live in an environment with three pets and my own hair gets everywhere, so I could also just as easily pin the entire blame on myself.

Oh well at least it’s February so I won’t have to clean bearings for another 3 weeks. shrug

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Yea, exactly. I’ve even had it with brand new yoyos, from companies I know wouldn’t ship out a bearing like that.

But then I have others that last just fine, which make me think it isn’t environmental. At least not always

That character is behind the S because it makes an S sound not a B sound

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Does anyone know if you could mod a SB2 for response pads? Is there enough metal to cut a groove for recessed silicone response pads? Just curious. It would be cool to convert it into a modern setup.

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