YoYoJam Dark Magic Review

The Dark Magic was a yoyo designed by Andre Boulay, and it is great!!! Now, first of all, I'm comparing to a Duncan Throw Monkey, and a Duncan Flying Panda, so this might not be very accurate. When I first recieved it in the mail, I ripped it out, and I was like: This is it??? But this first impression was false. It was a bit small, but very heavy, and after a few throws, I grew to the sides, and loved it.

It is great for multiple string tricks, the yoyo sleeps forever on the string. It has a very wide gap, and I can now land Eli Hops almost every time. It is very steady, and unless your throw is weird, this yoyo is gonna sleep for a long time. I just started, I can only do the Zipper, Mach 5, Eli Hops.etc, so I'm not very good. However, I can easily get a one minute sleeper with this, instead of the 40 seconds one on the Duncans. I can not tell you how it grinds, because the Duncans I used had a rubber edge, but the moment I tried a throwhand grind, I did very well. The yoyo just floated there, and you cannot tell it was grinding, except that the sleeper dies faster. Otherwise, I did not feel the tug on the skin I was expecting, nor the yoyo being hard to control. The price is very good, only $40, and it is, along with the speeder, one of the only yoyos brought to Nationals/World Competitions, so by buying this yoyo, you might not have to change yoyos. It is physically possible to do every trick you want with this yoyo (with practice!) So... now for the ratings:

Price:10/10 Very good performance, and very cheap considering the performance.
Weight:10/10 Very heavy, solid, on string feel.
Balance:9/10 Very hard to unbalance.
Design:9.5/10 Very attractive, nice design.
Mechanics:9/10 The starburst was a bit annoying, making sounds when I scraped it, but with a KonKave it should be okay.
Feel:10/10 Very solid, but you can move the yoyo quickly.
Overall:10/10 It’s a great yoyo!!!

Just get the Dark Magic, you will love it (unless you do not like yoyoing in the first place, in which case you shouldn’t even be looking on this forum.)

Edit: I did this review after about three throws, and I was being easy on the yoyo. But something I just found out, as long as the yoyo is spinning, you can bind it back up!!!


Well said, sir! ;D


good review… good review…

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Nice! Did good detail, told us the truth about the Dark Magic. Very nice.


Thanks, this is my first review. Anything wrong?