Yoyojam classic


Should I get it? What are the ups and downs?


I am already a great unresponsive yoyo er but I want something just to take places and let other people use


You really should learn to use the “Modify” button to edit your posts. Works wonders…

BTW - the YYJ Classic is a nice player. Can be made as (un)responsive as you need.


If it’s for other peoples use I’d just pick up a 2A throw unless you want something you can still do tricks on. All most people care about is something that sleeps and comes back easily which I think the loop 360 does a better job of. Classic is amazing though


Since you know how to bind, you should get speedaholic. In my opinion, classic is worse than speedaholic.


So the speedaholic is responsive

(Erik Kerber ) #7

No its unresponsive. But I’m sure you could put a slim bearing in there and make it responsive.

If your getting a yoyo for other people to use tho the classic is a pretty good choice.


The speedaholic doesn’t fit a slim bearing, I tried and the axle pushes through the sticker and makes it uneven


I would think this could lead to the person thinking they are being relegated to an inferior yoyo, hence why they can’t do the tricks you can. If you do a few basic string tricks and then hand them that same Classic to play, it leaves a different impression, while still being usable for someone who never took yoyo past gravity pull and sleeper.
Heck, the Classic is cheap enough that if someone shows enough interest you can give it to them, pick up another next time you buy string.

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oh sorry my bad.


Thanks but I really want to know if its a quality yoyo and the ups and downs


Huh? Do you just want someone to tell you you’re clever? Buy the yoyo. It works good.


Ok I will probs buy it

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Believe in the master of yoyoing, me, get it quick.