Good responsive throw?


I want a responsive not to pricey yo to practice string tricks and may be get into freehand later on. Any suggestions?




The only one I can find in town is the one that lights up is there any difference?


That one is heavier, and has recessed response.


What does that mean? Sorry newbie here.


A recessed response is where the response groove is deeper, allowing you to use a wider variety of response, such as flowable silicone.


You can start with a lower end Yoyojam. They are great. I started with a Lyn Fury and it did me wonders.

But you might consider the Classic. It’s a very very nice throw for 10 dollars.

And when you’re ready to go unresponsive, all you have to do is buy a c sized bearing for it.


Yoyo recreation diffusion. U can put a unresponsive bearing in later


I wouldn’t recommend starting out with this. I, along with quite a few others, found this throw to be extremely vibey. Play was meh. I 'd pass on this, and look for something else.


Get a yyj classic! Its a great modern responsive yoyo, plus its cheap. The diffusion IMO is horrible


third vote for the classic, best beginner yoyo ive ever played with.
should be an option to order it with an unresponsive bearing for later on as well.

(SR) #12

YoYoJam Classic, dude. It’s the obvious choice.


I am planning on picking up a Diffusion. Should I ditch it and get a Vexed instead?


In my opinion, yes. I think a lot of people will agree with my claims of it being a less than good yoyo. Some models don’t have vibe though, based on what I’ve heard, but even then, the play isn’t amazing, and you’re taking a risk. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (Wow! I found a way to use that where it makes sense!)

I’d get the Vexed if I were you. If you search up Diffusion on the forums, you’ll see what I’m saying.



My choices would be
Plastic: YYF One
Metal: Yomega Dash


… Dash is totally unresponsive out of the box.


Some are, some aren’t.

Mine was the responsive version

But the 10 ball edition is unresponsive