Yoyojam classic vs. protostar

Which is a better choice? Which is more unresponsive and has a longer sleep time?

protostar for both

Thank you!

Yup, the Protostar is unresponsive out of the box while the YYJ Classic is responsive out of the box. You will have to buy and additional YYJ Speed Bearing (or any other c size bearing) and YYJ silicone rings in order for the Classic to be unresponsive.

As far as sleep time goes they both will sleep just fine. Sleep time really depends on you. Don’t get me wrong though, some yoyos do sleep more than others. But on one person the yoyo will sleep x amount of time and on another person it will sleep y. So don’t let sleep time be a huge factor when buying a yoyo.

If you know how to bind I would highly suggest the Protostar. It is a great throw. I have 2 of them :smiley:
Hope this helps.

I would go classic. Just put in a new bearing and silicone it. It will be cheaper than the protostar and play better IMHO

The argument here is “if you have to spend the money on parts, the Classic still comes out to be the better deal” over the Protostar.

I have a bunch of Classics heading my way right now. I can’t wait to compare the Classic to other plastics I have, including the Protostar. It will be interesting to see if any make it into competition in October at Nationals.

The Classic is freaking AMAZING with a full sized bearing and silicone!!!

I use to be all about the Proto/North… but really, the Classic tweaked is a better beast… the only thing I’ve noticed is the Classics seems to be noisy - not the bearing, but the throw… nothing to get worked up over, but it’s something…

I have a few classics in the house… 2 have been siliconed; 1 with a 10ball (my son’s) and 1 with a trifecta (mine) - both play great! My daughter opted to keep hers stock, and she’s lovin it…