Protostar and Counter Attack

I am just wondering what peoples expeiriences with the protostar are. I have heard that after you unscrew it a couple times it gets vibey. Is that true? Also, if you have any other yoyo ideas in this price range, let me know. I currently have a pgm and kickside. Also, is the counter attack a decent yoyo? And what are the Counter Attack and protstar sleep times?

This should be in help/recommendations.

I take my PRotostar apart all the time. I suck and get knots, I have no choice. Still smooth! I think some people abuse their yoyos, but mostly by accident.

Sleep time is largely dependent on how well your bearing is broken in, your bearing, how clean it is, lube or lack of and type of lube. But, the most important thing is your throw.

Other than the fact I did an unfair bearing “spin off” between a well broken in Terrapin X Wing Cut and a new Terrapin X S/C Center Assist, I really don’t enjoy wasting time running a stop watch for a forward thrown yoyo so it can just spin until it loses stability. I’m pretty sure most decent wing-shaped yoyos with a well broken in ball bearing AND a good throw should exceed 2 minutes. This even includes low cost yoyos like the ONE and WHIP as well.

My ProtoStar has hit the ground been unscrew at least a hundred times and I’ve over tightend the axle and this thing is still smooth (Yes it has a bit of vibe but you can only tell when touching it.).

Point it vibe is not a problem although cracking happens after some time (Mine got a hair line after a few months.).

You might also look at the PSG it’s another great plastic.

When it comes to sleep times that’s really up to the player but both of those people can get 6 mins + with the right throw.

I just threw mine with an okay throw and got 3mins and binded back.

ive unscrewed mine hundreds of times, and it’s smooth as any other plastic ive ever tried. Protostar is my fav throw atm, i like it more than my hatrick, punchline, dv888, and many more.

Protostars/Northstars are amazing plastics. The only think I wish was that there was a 1:1 model in aluminum that played the same to be able to grind.

This rockstar kinda fits this roll

Same as the others, I have unscrewed my proto many times and it is still smooth (not so much anymore since I hit it on something). I would definitly go with the protostar over the counter attack. The counter attack does not have the stability the proto has, nor the spin time. The slight highwall on the counterattack does not help either.