One question on YYF Protostar

ill get straight into the point…

How long is protostar’s spin time ? why my protostar tilts just after 10 seconds of sleeping !!?? my protostar can only spin a around aminute :frowning: LOL !

Two things come to mind: 1. you might need to work on your throw a bit, 2. bearing might need to be cleaned.


Okay, first off, what Yuki said. Also, even if the bearing does need to be cleaned, if it isn’t responsive and/or locking up, your throw needs a lot of work. You should start practicing your throw exclusively before you learn bad habits. After a few days going for strong sleepers using the advice in Andre’s videos, you should be able to squeeze quite a bit more out of your throws.

How long have you been at this? You don’t have that many messages on here yet. 27 as of this response. That doesn’t mean you are NEW to yoyo, but you are relatively new to here.

I remember when I started, things would tilt fast and I’d be lucky to get 20 seconds of sleep. Now, I can get darn near 3 minutes of sleep on most decent yoyos with a broken in bearing, PROVIDED my throw is decent.

My suggestion is work on that throw. I’ve been throwing just over 18 months now, and my throw STILL needs work. It’s constantly improving, but I can always get better. I even have yoyos that help me get that throw better too.

The Protostar is an amazing yoyo. Keep it. It’s as good as anything else on the market, and is probably one of the best plastics made ever. Work on that throw. Don’t just throw sleepers though, just pay more attention when you are throwing but also keep working on your tricks at the same time.

Keep at it. Don’t give up. Almost all of us have been there.

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frankly speaking, i just started yoyo 1 and a half months ago xD

thx for ur guidance, i really appreciate it from the last time u helped me on the spacers. hope can meet u up if we got the chance to :slight_smile:

If you started one month ago, perhaps you shouldn’t be using a Protostar yet.

Heck, I learned most of the basic string tricks like the Roller Coaster on a Fireball.

well actually it depends on the person whose throwing and of what expertise. i asked yoyoexpert the same question

That’s two questions…

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honestly, i’m at advance level part 2 now, in a month… that’s why i changed to a protostar.

LinksLegionaire: Real sorry about, when i was typing i was really worried and forgot i asked 2 instead of one. LOL

is spins for about 2 min depending on the player and expertise, work on your throws and good luck!!!

Haha I was just messing with ya.

If your Protostar is tilting after just 10 seconds, I suspect it’s something to do with your throw. Either not straight or hard enough. Probably both. You’ll just have to practice :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re talking about just on a sleeper, then yes, I agree. It’s the throw.

However, if doing a trick, then it’s probably bad technique. Hitting the side of the yoyo too hard.