Protostar sleep time

I just got myself a protostar after not throwing for about 15 years. It’s pretty nice but I can’t get a sleep much over 40-50 seconds. Is this average for these? Thanks!!

If you’re not adjusting the tilt through the string I’d say 40-50 seconds is fine, but there still could be some room for improvement.

I would say try cleaning the bearing, but it’s a protostar, so good luck with that!

Honestly though, if it’s been a while or you’re pretty new in general, it could just be your throw. It’ll come with practice, just give it time.

What other YoYos do you have and how long do they spin?

Right now I just have the Protostar that I got about a week ago. I have some older yoyos that I used years ago. Yomega raider, Henry’s Viper. I had a Sleep Machine that I cannot locate and I had an SB2 that I must of got rid of or lost over the years. I think yoyoing is like riding a bike, even with long breaks in between it still feels pretty natural. I haven’t done it consistently for probably 15 years so it’s been a while, back then split the atom was like the pinnacle of yoyo tricks. I could do all of those tricks and still can pretty easily. I was never any good at overhead tricks or looping tricks though.

The first big difference is the massive gap. It’s going to throw differently and feel pretty different on the string. How is your bind? You will generate more spin with a tight bind or even wind.

40-50 seconds should get you through any trick in the book. Shooting for a sleep record, someone trained could probably get 6+min with the same equipment with not tuning. Don’t mess with the yoyo. It sounds fine.

Welcome to ‘modern’ yoyoing!

I tried to adjust the string during the sleep tonight to keep it balanced and got 3 minutes 21 seconds! Not realistic during actual play but still pretty cool.

That sounds about right, on a regular throw I can get around the same time as you on a protostar.

1 minute 1 throw on a Protostar with tonnes of tricks. Pretty darn impressive for a plastic/hybrid if you ask me.  :slight_smile: