yyf protostar


the yoyo factory protostar is one of the best plastic throws i have ever used. here is the video to prove it.

i have found that it is extremely smooth and will do almost any trick as long as your quick. while doing tricks it has a 25-40 second spintime it also has an adjustable gap.  so for the 35 dollars it is a great budget yoyo


It does not have an adjustable gap.

You need to align the arrows on the side of the yoyo or else it will gradually start coming apart.

And my Protostar had sleepers way longer than 30 seconds.

Mine slept for like 3 minutes tops.


was that while doing tricks


The amount of time the yoyo will spin while your doing combos depends on the player, some can do 20 seconds and some can do 2 minutes… And it does not have an adjustable gap, and you just made 3 reviews that explained what the yoyo was then one statement you thought about it, then a vid… that’s not really a review :stuck_out_tongue:


I can do combos with my protostar for maybe 2-2.5 minutes