I’m thinking of buying a Protostar, but there are not alot of reviews on it, and few I did find were not very specific. Could you guys tell me some things about it like good things about it and some bad things about it; and how it compairs to a Northstar?

Protostar is a great great yoyo. There’s been some quality control issues with Northstars, so you’re much more likely to get a smooth Protostar than a smooth Northstar.

Good things about it:

  1. Great spin times for a plastic yoyo.
  2. Very smooth, quick play.
  3. Comes with a Center-Trac bearing.

Bad things about it:

  1. The plastic surface is a little tacky, and slows down a lot if it bumps your hand during play.
  2. Bearing comes dry, so I’d recommend buying a bottle of Yoyojam thin lube with it.

It’s full sized, so it’s great for someone who likes full sized yoyos.
Nice and wide. About the same width as a Superstar.
Plus, it’s been used to win multiple contests, including California States, Canadian Nationals, and a few others I think.
Great for 1a, 3a, and 5a play.

I personally like my Protostar much better than my Northstar. Probably because my Northstar has a vibe to it, but if you get a smooth Northstar it can be very nice as well, it was even used to win Worlds!

So basically, if you think you’d like a heavier yoyo, and don’t mind the possible vibe issues, get a Northstar. If you’d prefer a lighter, quicker yoyo, get a Protostar. There’s also the Starlight for those like want a cheap ($25) lighter alternative, and the Rockstar, which is just a metal Northstar.

Does the Protostar have an adjustable gap? Because some people told me it does and some tell me it doesn’t.

Nope, fixed gap. So does the Nortstar, Starlight, and Rockstar.

wait, the northstar and protostar have an adjustable gap and I own both yoyo’s. what do you mean fixed gap? and also protostar was used to win worlds too so get the facts right.

First of all, the ProtoStar or NorthStar doesn’t have an adjustable gap. I own both too. Also nobody used the ProtoStar to win worlds.

well it is said that it isn`t an adjustable gap but i have a northstar and i seem to play it like an adjustable gap.

k thx. Does it come with a spacer on both sides of the gap? And is it durable?

Yes it does. And it’s pretty durable too.

ive smacked it on sidewalk cement before and it didnt crack. but becareful cause it did make a hollow dent. also, dont put it on top of something hot cause the metal rings expand at heat and cracks the yoyo. i`ve had people with 3 northstars broken like that

This question doesn’t really matter: but does the newest model of the Protostar still have the arrows on the rim?

I got this picture from a review and I’m not sure how old it is:

… Are those black arrows still on the latest model?

Yes, the arrows are still there, but you may still have to tighten or loosen the gap beyond the arrows to get it to play without vibe.

yup, there’s ton of vibe if too loose

Thx. Can the “bubble” like “caps” come out?

No, they aren’t caps like on some YYJ yoyos. They are part of the half of the yoyo.

What about the axle. Can that come out? [I’m just asking in case it were to get stripped].

If you strip the axle it’s more likely that you will strip the internal threads than the axle itself. So I don’t see this as much of a feature to base a decision on.

I know. I just ordered one. Thanks for all the help guys! :slight_smile:

Great. Enjoy the heck out of it. :slight_smile:

idk but i think i’ve heard of it coming out. like if your axle is stripped, then you need to sacrifice one of the caps by banging on the stripped axle.
I think theres even a picture of a hubstacked protostar with caps out. I think screwdrivers or pry-bars can pry it out.