Protostar that wobbles

Hey folks! New guy here, my first thread here (and post) :slight_smile:

I got my Protostar a few days ago, and what first struck me was the amount of wobbling, or vibrating it had.
The weird thing though: After sleeping for 5-6 seconds the wobbling calms down, and the yoyo turns stable.

Is this my fault, hence a bad throw, or is it the yoyo’s fault? This happens now, and it did at its first throw two days ago. (I.E. i haven’t damaged it)

And, another question: How do you sign in to the webshop? The only sign-in i can find is the newsletter-thing

Thank you
Lars H

I’m Norwegian btw, so you’ll have to excuse my English

1: When the yoyo is wobbling, touch the yoyo with your thumb lightly, if it fixes its self, it is your throw. If it doesn’t, email andre and sort it out.

2: Press “my account”

Thank you. Turns out to be my throw, not suprisingly… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways. How do i make my throw better? I can’t imagine just throwing and throwing will help when i dont know what i’m doing wrong

EDIT: Pressing the “My Account”-button only brings me to the login-area. Doesn’t say anything about signin up?

Line the gap of the yoyo up with a line on the floor and practice throwing straight, beleive me, it’ll click eventually.

I think you either need to make a purchase here to get an account.

Actually just throwing and throwing will greatly help you get better. You will eventually start to throw it differently. It’s like fixing a problem and not knowing you are. Trust me it will happen.

Ahh, i see…
Thank you anyways!
Should i open my yoyo and lube it? The bearing makes some noise, and i’ve bought the YYJ thin lube. However i’ve read that people experience vibration when taking this yoyo apart and putting it back together?

That very very rarely happens, and usually only if they messed something up.

I wouldn’t worry about lubing it at this point, but you can if you want (you won’t hurt anything).