Upgraded Classic vs Protostar


They both look like good options. Not sure what response/bearing combo to upgrade the classic with. But I hear it plays great with anything. The new protostars look neat to. How do the compare? Which would you go for?


If you have the money, I would go for a protostar. The aluminum weight rings really push out the spin. The classic, on the other hand, plays awesome with a center trac and ir pads.


I’m gonna agree with this. The Protostar is a great yoyo. My only issue with the Protostar is it is very loud. But, that aside and all things being equal(upgraded Classic), I think the Protostar is the better performer. I personally like the Classic better though.


I don’t really want to throw a cat in amongst the pigeons here, but if you’re looking for a plastic/hybird, the Rally is a better choice than both of these. It has the benefit of aluminium weight rings, but it doesnt have the annoying spacers that the protostar has and the build quality is just better overall.

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If only they were in stock.


If I’d known that the rally was an option that is what I would have said too :smiley:
If you want another option, the yoyojam trigger is amazing, cheaper than a protostar too. But be warned, it is LOUD. The protostar is just as good though, and a bit smoother, but worse on grinds. They are both really great though.


The new Protostars have a grinding finish. The Protostar gets my vote. You should also consider the Alpha Crash, though.


Having both a Protostar and a Classic, my vote goes to the Protostar due to the aluminum rings.


I think the alpha crash should be looked at as well if you’re after a good plastic throw