Is it worth getting a new Protostar?

Now, I love my protostar it was my go-to yoyo for quite some time and still is up there with my favourites. After not playing for a few months I found out today that there is a newer one out, an update.

My question to the wonderful people at yye is: Is it worth getting the new model?

I was thinking about getting a new yoyo anyway, a OD rally actually, but now I hear of this new and improved protostar Im undecided. Help me spend my money!




Some people get the same thing in different colors or special editions. The new Ghost Edition DM2 is probably going to be heading my way soon, and I certainly don’t need a 6th DM2, and that would mean when I finally get a white DM2, I’ll have 7 of them in total. Apparently the Ghost edition is a tiny bit heavier, most likely due to the nickel on the rims.

Other people get more than one of the same thing(perhaps different colors) for things like 3A.

The answer is ultimately up to you. Yes or no. Buy another, buy something else, don’t buy anything at all. If you want it, get it. The one you’re seeing isn’t an update or upgrade, just new colors. That’s about it.

I’m happy with my Blue protostar. No need to get another unless this one breaks. This has nothing to do with the Protostar, just my wants/needs/desires.

The new version is the exact same thing, NOTHING changed at all in the design. The only differnce is the rims and the rims ALONE are textured for slightly longer thumb grinds… this will not change the play and the only differnce between the older protostars and the new run is slightly longer thumb grinds…

Unless you want 2 of the same yoyos, I say get the Rally. Its the best plastic out there right now IMO

And the newer one is textured for better grinds I believe

As I said in my post, only the RIMS are textured, not the catch zone. So that improves thumb grinds and only thumb grinds.

If they texture the catch zones AND the rims, I’d buy another in a second.

I hear rumors that YYF is threatening to do that to the Protostar: texture the catch zone. I hope they can do it. Bad grinds is really the only weakness to that yoyo. Well, the cap isn’t good for finger spins, but I’d do that with a different yoyo, assuming I could ever end up doing finger spins.

Get a speedaholic instead :stuck_out_tongue: I also really like the onestar in terms of play

Okay so if it’s only the rims then I’m not to bothered :slight_smile:

@sparhawk I heard that the onestar was a bit light, one of the things I love, about my protostar and primo is the speed of play. Once you get your protostar going it flys around. Do you find this with the onestar?

Also thoughts on the rally in terms of play?

The Rally dominates the Protostar IMO. I think its the plastic to beaat right now. It really does play like ametal. Very fun throw. Its more stable than the Protostar, and the catch zone is marbelized for grinds. Its not quite as fast as the Protostar but its still on the faster side.

Sweet :slight_smile: anyone got any other thoughts on the rally?

I can’t say one is better than the other, but the rally grinds better and plays with a little more weight behind it.

I agree. The Rally is also quieter.

I find it interesting the plastic with metal ring trend going on. Going from memory, YYF has had this with the Protostar and Northstar for a few years now. The YYJ Trigger was their offering in that format. Now with the Magic YoYo D5 Dark Sprite and the Rally both having that plastic/weight ring design like that is interesting. On top of that it appears sOMEThING has a new plastic that is on this trend as well. The best part is that for the most part, these designs are staying in the range of “affordable”.

If I had to have a complaint about the Protostar, it’s the fact that the yoyo is noisy. It’s just the design, nothing you can do about it. The other is the speed, which is less of an issue. The Protostar is a fast yoyo and I’m gradually playing faster. Keep in mind, my “fast” is probably still slower than most people’s “fast” or maybe even “medium”. The Rally feels a bit heavier and a bit slower, right in that zone I like. Add the textured surface that gives the Rally a nicer feel and better for grinds in the catch zone, the yoyo has the features I want.

I won’t knock the Protostar. I am seeing less people competing with it these days, but I think that’s because the competition playing trends are pushing more people to having to use metals or at least plastics and plastic/metals with different features. Still, I feel the Protostar(or Northstar) are great yoyos. They aren’t great for beginners unless they are getting help right away so they can learn a bind. After that, they are great new players wanting higher end performance at a low price, as well as a great upgrade yoyo and still a good performer for advanced players.

So, if YYF comes out and says they have surface treated the Protostar so it can be a better grinder, I will try to be in the first wave of buyers for that.