Looking on the Protostar page. Says something of BLUE+RED CENTER with Silver Ring. Something new or Something?

(M.DeV1) #2

Just some new color combos they must be trying.


Seriously? That looks like a McDonald’s yoyo…


Maybe they’ll come in the Happy Meals!


If so, I’m boycotting.


It’ll be a $35 Happy Meal :wink:


They’d have to make it a $3 Happy Meal for me to buy with that in it. :wink:

Unless they put the Hamburglar’s face on the side cap :slight_smile:


I was just looking at YYF’s page, and 3 days ago they said that the new Protostar will be out in two weeks!



Its cool i think


That color is… no.

Anyway, I would be curios to see what they’ll change in this Protostar that’s apparently coming out soon.


They have made a few special edition Protostars with different colored anodize weight rings before.

Nothing surprising, just a special edition probably.


The first and last one look cool, im not really a fan of the middle one.Ii know a lot of people lke it… i just dont see it.


its blasted, thats new

(Amplified) #15

I won this colorway of Protostar (June). I’ve never seen a picture of this color way online till now. Was it just recently released?


YYF posted a pic of one of their new Protostar colorways on Instagram earlier today. (Sorry for making you click on a link, there’s no way to upload it here)

The splash weight rings look pretty neat with the clear plastic, I wonder if the plastic is a different material.


Unlike the McDonalds one, THIS one looks amazing.

Almost as good as my Victory Gravitsky Protostar.


I want a Translucent Purple one, with neon green weight rings.

The bottom one was a bombsquad sf edition its was very limited quantities

(Amplified) #20

The red and gold “McDonalds” one doesn’t look that bad.