YoyoFactory Protostar, New Color


I just saw the new color on the Protostar, and it looks amazing. I have to get one. Similar to the Aurora Borealis Northstars.


Photo from YoyoFactory Instagram. :slight_smile: These new Fact’ry throws look great!




Here is my money. TAKE IT YOYOFACTORY.


Will the weight rings remain grey?



you must stop this…



^ I know. Just too many pretty yo-yos at one time. It’s been a great year.


If I didn’t already get an Aurora Northstar…

Of course I already have 3 protostars, but… I love these colors.

(major_seventh) #8

I don’t think the orange string in the background was a good choice lol. Made some of the colors look brown.


Is there somewhere that lists yo-yos with cool color styles like this?


I’m not sure, but you might want to start one. :)Are you just looking for a list of cool color plastics, or cool colorways in general?


cool colorways in general.


I just ordered a pink protostar during the sale and now I’m tempted to see if I can exchange it for one of these :smile: (though I really wouldn’t be that upset about having both colors. are those rings really lavender??)


Good to see you on the forum. Here’s a new photo YoyoFactory posted on their ask.fm. They describe the colors as blue and orange.


(Erik Kerber ) #14

^Those look sweet.


I’m throwing money at my screen right now :smiley:


Probably my new favorite Protostar. Didn’t think they’d beat the Gravitsky edition.



Some more eye candy from Fact’ry ask.fm:


(Erik Kerber ) #19



When will this be available?