New YoyoFactory Protostar (Japan Collection)

Many of you have seen the new 67.1g Protostar. But, for those who haven’t, what do you think? I’m excited because I always preferred the weight of the Northstar, but Protostar got so many different “looks.” Now, I think I’m going to have the extra weight and more color variety. This is part of the new YoyoFactory Japan collection.

I also read somewhere that with the new design, we might be able to select among weight preferences. If you know more about that, fill me in.

(YYF Photos)

Interesting 8)

Is that a loop 1080?

it looks like a new shaqlerstar looper.

I’m so bummed that for the new protostar they didnt make the Japan one white plastic + silver rings + red center; that way it would be like the Japanese flag!

I see what you mean from that perspective. But, it will be a big hit here in the U.S. I love it! ;D

naw that would make way too much sense. dont you know that japan is all about that red white and blue!?

If you zoom on the Shaqler looper theres written loop and some numbers. Think it might be loop 2060?

wait did you mean regular protostar isnt 67

you might be right… it looks different then 1080 and is too long for 900… if only i could zoom in more.

I’m not sure. I certainly thought more weight was added. I read something prior ( maybe) about a new design Protostar with more weight (like a Northstar). So, I’m hoping this thread will sort it out. At any rate, new look, new collection, at the least. I was hoping for that added weight too.

Update: I just weighed my old Protostar, clear with red/black acid rings, on a calibrated scale, bearing with no string, 65.29g. This one is heavier.

I think it looks really promising. I might pick up one when more colors are released.

Lol total artists. I was the one who asked that question on the page. YYF replied saying that the new protostar will be heavier than the old model. They did not specify by how much though.

I just updated my last post. The old model is 65.29g. This one is heavier. :slight_smile:

zoom on my lg g3 gets too pixelated for a definite answe, but it looks like (2?)060 when you squint. It’s definitely not a 1080 written there

The John Ando colorway is awesome! I may actually buy one of these

It looks like 3040 now but its blurr.

Aye, she’s a beauty!

I’m really loving the colour and design of that Protostar, it’s definitely peaked my interest. All they need to do is tell me now that it doesn’t have spacers and I’ll be sold. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet it looks lovely when it spins…

I was one of the winners of yyf’s instagram contest. So I will be receiving the entire Japan collection. I am really excited for the protostar. Yyf said that we would receive a pair of 1080’s. So to answer everyone’s wonder they are 1080’s not 1260’s. I will post pics when I get them. This is going to be one of hardest waits ever.

Wow! :o Congratulations, you’re so lucky. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new Protostar.