Yoyojam Classic, It Has Some Wobble

I have had 4 Yoyojam Classics in the past.

I got one today, and it wobbles like crazy. This is the only one that has done this to me.

I have tried Teflon taping the axle, changing bearings, tightening, loosening, and any of those did not work for me.

Any help?

Have you tried a center trac, konkave, or grooved bearing?

Yeah, tried a Center Trac and Konkave

If you’ve had 4, you know what to expect from the yoyo. If it’s not delivering what you expected, it’s probably a defective unit. Whether it’s sufficiently defective enough that they will do a return/exchange I couldn’t possibly say. But I’d try for one at least.

make sure the caps are secure

I don’t want to return it, I already changed the pads, and threw away the half spec. :-\

Any Home Remedies for this issue?

Caps sometimes get moved around, see if they are fully connected, or try to switch the axle in different places. I’m pretty sure it’s the caps though.

Try this: screw the axle entirely out, flip it over, screw it back in. That will reorient the yoyo halves.

Yes, I already tried orienting the axle.

How do I adjust the caps?

It’s just bad and you should contact your retailer or YYJ customer service within the warranty period and get it replaced.

Offtopic but I never noticed your sig nathan and it made me lol to see you have a hyperlink to your signature throw

I already voided the warranty.

Any more help?

Try replacing the axle…Or try switching halves with another one of your classics.

All of the rest are gone :smiley:

threw away the half spec?? That was stupid.

I bought a all blue classic when they came out and it has some decent vibe. The yoyo itself is playable but the vibe is very noticeable. I played around just like you did and tried different things and nothing helped. later on I tested my luck on buying another one and when it arrived it was silky smooth on the string ! im guessing YYJ might have had a few that were not up to quality and we just got unlucky

Yeah, I got over it :slight_smile:

Unscrew it, take out the bearing and axle.

Check to make sure the axle isint bent by rolling it on a flat surface. Does it wobble or roll straight?

Also. Keep all the parts out. Push on the yoyo with the cap down, that way if it came out a tad it will go back in…

It sounds like you caused the problem. Only because you say its out of the warranty period.

Was it fine the day you got it? Did it get the vibe after -siliconing it -changing bearings?